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  Individualized Support
Individualized Support

The doctors and staff of Grace Medical Care recognize that you have made, or are in the process of making a serious decision. We are dedicated to providing you with individualized attention and care to help you and your family through the entire process. You may need special support or want family members included in your care. Support group information is available for you and family members. We will assist with these and any other referrals that you request.

Grace Medical Care has access to community resources that may assist in addressing your needs. Our doctors and staff will partner with your genetic counselors and/or private physicians to ensure that all appropriate genetic and other specialized testing is performed.

Fortunately, the need to consider therapeutic termination of pregnancy is not frequent. In the rare, special circumstances that the decision is made to have a therapeutic abortion, you need and deserve to be cared for by specialists who understand your unique needs and will provide high quality medical care in a compassionate, confidential, and caring office environment.

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