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  Safety and Compassionate Care
Safety and Compassionate Care

At Grace, we recognize that you have special needs and that they require individual attention, care and support. We dedicate ourselves to providing the service that will help you through this difficult period. We tailor our care and support to match your needs and wishes. We give you the time, attention and special care that you deserve. We are there for you at Grace. We also encourage family and friends to comfort you with their love and support.

The care we provide is individualized, including the type of procedure performed. Our physicians will evaluate you and your special circumstance, e.g., gestation of the pregnancy, health status, the necessity for specialized genetic or medical testing, and your preferences, to tailor a care plan uniquely designed for you.

Grace physicians will partner with your private physicians and/or genetic counselors to provide ongoing continuity of care before, during and after your time at Grace. We can arrange for appropriate genetic testing and counseling, if at your or your physicians' request. We can design our procedures to make such testing possible. If you have serious maternal medical problems, Grace physicians will work closely with your other physicians to design a safe procedure for you.

Grace support can also extend to provide you with referrals for grief counselors, genetic counselors, family counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, religious advisors, as well as referrals for meditation, massage, and other relaxation techniques. We are devoted to helping and supporting you in every way we can.

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