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What resources are available to help us through this difficult time?

Grace Medical Care provides a full range of assistance to help our patients through the process of pregnancy termination. We are dedicated to providing every patient with the individualized attention and care she deserves. We will work with you and your doctors to tailor a plan of care specifically for you and assist you in accessing services to help you through your recovery.

We have access to community resources to assist in addressing you and your family. These resources include support group information, religious and spiritual advocates, grief counselors, psychologists, family counselors, or relaxation technique coaches. At Grace, we will offer as much support as we can during the process but understand that the patientís own family, physician, religious and family counselors are better prepared to provide support in their home environment.

Grace Medical Care will collaborate with your other physicians and healthcare providers to ensure continuity of your care. We will assist your genetic counselor and facilitate transfer of your records.

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